SPEL Manufacturing s. r. o.

SPEL Manufacturing is a company engaged in the production of cable and wire harnesses, low-voltage switchboards and contract manufacturing of low-voltage components. The company operates on the principle of Contract Manufacturing which means that it provides manufacturing services based on customer requirements and specifications in the above-mentioned segments.

220 employees

SPEL Manufacturing employs 220 qualified and motivated employees who are ready to meet all the requirements and specifications of our customers. All in first-class quality and flexibly.

Production area of 8 000 m2

SPEL Manufacturing uses a high-quality and progressive technology of world-renowned brands located in its own modern production space with an area of around 8 000 square meters.

Integrated ERP

In addition to technological equipment, SPEL Manufacturing also uses a fully integrated ERP system that enables precise processing, management and monitoring of all business data and processes.