SPEL Manufacturing s.r.o.

SPEL Manufacturing is a company engaged in the production of cable and wire harnesses, low-voltage switchboards and components. The company operates on the principle of Contract Manufacturing which means that it provides manufacturing services based on customer requirements and specifications in the above-mentioned segments.

Switchboards and electrical assemblies

The switchboard and electrical assemblies production center focuses on serial production of various electrical assemblies and cabinets production. These are mainly assemblies and switchboards for industrial equipment, technological units, transport equipment and elevators.

Cable and wire harnesses

The cable and wire harnesses production center focuses on the segment requiring single to small serial production and a wide range of products. These are primarily used in the field of transportation and construction technology, refrigeration industry and special industrial equipment.

Low-voltage components

We have been cooperating with Rockwell Automation for a long time, supplying a wide range of low-voltage components. These are mostly contactors, circuit breakers, relays and others.

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